There are plenty of times when our faithful tires take a harsh beating. Sometimes we're aware of the trauma they experience, sometimes we're not. But how is one to know whether their tire wound is repairable or needs replacing? Check out our tips for knowing when to throw in the towel and when a simple patch will do the trick!


Today's technology allows qualified tire technicians to repair small punctures in the tire tread. This is possible with a patch that seals the inner layer of rubber in conjunction with a plug that seals up the diameter of the hole. Unfortunately, most other tire punctures require that the tire be disposed and a new one mounted. Here's a breakdown of different tire wounds and why they can't be repaired:

Punctures in the tire shoulder: It's a common misconception that tires are just one thick chunk of rubber. However, tires actually have hundreds of components inside them including several layers of different types of rubber, steel, and/or fabric belts and steel rings in the area where the tire meets the rim. These materials aren't evenly distributed in the tire and the shoulder (where the sidewall meets the trea area) is a very critical area. Any disturbance in this vicinity can cause the tread to separate from the inner layers of rubber which can cause complete tire failure.

Punctures in the tire sidewall: Sidewalls need to be flexible to absorb shock and provide a smooth ride. Because of this they are softer and the materials they're composed of aren't as thick as the tread. Any puncture in the sidewall will grow and expand, and a puncture to the sidewall must be replaced.

A "repairable" flat tire that goes unrepaired: Even a small hole can grow into a big problem if it goes unrepaired. Putting off a visit to an auto service center can lead to moisture building up in the tire wound and that will most likely lead to corrosion. It's best to remember that any tire injury should be inspected and repaired immediately. Once the problem has been accumulating for a while, you'll need to have a professional examine the tire to determine if it should be replaced.

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