Fall is here and college kids around the country are gearing up for back to school. They've got their school supplies together, their clothes all clean and sorted, now all that's left is the perfect back-to-school ride--an all-new MINI. Whether you choose the 2-door, the 4-door, the Countryman or the Clubman, each MINI model is the ultimate car for students going back to school, and here's why:

MINI Takes Safety Incredibly Seriously

One of parents' biggest concerns about their kids going to school is their overall safety, especially when it comes to driving. But when they're driving a MINI loaded with tons of the most current safety tech and features, parents can breathe easy as the kids are on their way. Active Breaks, for example, are always working so they don't have to--they automatically adjust if you rapidly take your foot off the gas, do what they can to reduce erratic driving, and even work hard to dry themselves when the windshield wipers are on. With Active Cruise Control, your MINI will always maintain a consistent speed while automatically adjusting for hills and curves no matter where they go. It even uses video to automatically monitor and adjust speed to keep a reasonable and safe distance from whatever vehicles may be ahead. Whether it's a short trip to the store or the long trip home, your student will always be safe behind the wheel of a MINI.

Roomy Cargo Space for Moving All of the Necessary Stuff

Going to and from school, your student will likely be hauling clothes, backpacks, books, gear, friends, and more, so your MINI will need plenty of storage to be able to keep up. Since 1959, each MINI model has been crafted with unique and clever design innovations to provide passengers the most room for relaxing while traveling; the engine has been turned sideways, for instance, and the MINI's wheels are positioned as far as possible from the body of the car in order to maximize space. The Mini Cooper Hardtop 2-Door and 4-Door both have a surprisingly spacious 38-40.7 cubic feet of cargo space with the seats folded down. Contrastingly, the Mini Clubman and Countryman boast even more available storage--with 44.1 cubic feet and 49 cubic feet of storage (also with the seats folded down), respectively. No matter what needs hauling, there's plenty of space in any MINI.

Technology That'll Keep Them Phone-Free While Driving

Instinctually, parents may feel some initial disquiet at the thought of all the current technology outfitted in the newest MINI models. But there's no need to worry as almost all of the onboard technology is meant to discourage distracted driving, not encourage it. For starters, the available Head-Up display can elevate itself directly into the driver's field of view to provide essential driving information such as navigation instructions and speed without eyes ever having to leave the road. Apple CarPlay--accessed through the centrally-located MINI Connected system--allows for wireless access to music, navigation, phone calls, messages and more so the phone should never be in the driver's hand.

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