By recycling and reusing materials, the automotive industry has been able to make a green footprint on the environment for many years. In honor of Earth Day and Keep America Beautiful month, we can continue to do our part to sustain the many resources Mother Earth provides us. Adjusting your car and personal driving habits increase fuel economy and reduce the negative impact our vehicles have on the environment.

To do your part in decreasing your own environmental impact, take a look at these steps to owning a greener car.

  1. Drive smart. Your personal driving habits have a lot to do with fuel economy. By simply avoiding sudden braking and acceleration and honoring the speed limit you will minimize unnecessary miles and reduce gas mileage. These tips create fewer harmful chemical fumes that are released when we drive.

  2. Check spark plugs. Your vehicle either has four, six, or eight spark plugs, which can fire as many as three million times every thousand miles. As a result, this produces a lot of heat and electrical and chemical erosion. A dirty spark plug cause misfiring which wastes fuel and could lead to vehicle emissions.

  3. Purchase Eco-Friendly Tires. There are now tires made from environmentally-safer materials such as synthetic rubber blends that feature improved rolling resistance to boost gas mileage and reduce emission. Checking your current tire pressure once a month and making adjustments to ensure that they're properly inflated will also keep them performing more efficiently.

  4. Check your gas cap. A loose, cracked, or damaged gas cap allows for gas to escape from your tank as a vapor which wastes fuel and increases vehicle emissions.

  5. Filling up your tank. When it's time to fill up, be sure to stop when the nozzle stops. If you continue to pump once the nozzle has indicated that the tank is full, harmful vapors could be released into the environment, and in addition, waste your money. Your tank also needs some extra room to allow the gas to expand.

As always, the most important tip is to keep your vehicle properly tuned in order to guarantee optimum performance. Having your engine regularly checked by one of our trained MINI service technicians will allow you to burn less gas, emit fewer pollutants, and prevent car trouble in the future. Not only is this the best way to improve the efficiency of your vehicle and save you money in the long haul, but it will also reduce emissions and keep our planet as green as possible.

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