Personal customization and unique features are at the heart of the MINI brand and it seems as though the British company outdid themselves when preparing for the MINI Countryman All4. Check out these five stand-out tech features the All4 has to offer.

  1. MINI Country Timer. You probably know by now that MINI's motto is "Let's Motor." The Country Timer feature fits this mold with its embedded software monitors when the vehicle is driven over "sloping, uneven, unsurfaced, and snow-covered" terrain. So no matter when you decide to jet off to, your MINI All4 is going to keep tabs on your personal driving terrain in the center-dash touchscreen. (The ranges span from Street Cruiser to Cliff Champ.)

  2. Onboard Owner's Manual. This feature migrated from BMW (parent company to MINI) and puts information about the operation of the car at the driver's fingertips. You can clearly read information on the 8.8-inch center-dash touchscreen without digging through the glove compartment for an owner's manual. Out with the old, right?

  3. Head-up Display. Also known as HUD, these are typically only found in luxury cars since their components are costly. But MINI wanted to make sure the driver was getting the best possible experience out of the Countryman All4 and uses a low-cost transparent lens to display important information such as navigation directions, speed, and vehicle messages. This feature is part of the add-on Technology Package.

  4. Sports Displays. This is MINI's way of making everyday information more fun. From the multi-colored neon ring around the 8.8-inch center-dash touchscreen, to looking at the outside temperature display sporting a pair of sunglasses, you will always feel whimsical in your MINI.

  5. Touchpad Speller. This is another borrowed feature from its BMW cousin. Simply using a finger, drivers can trace characters on the top of the center-console-mounted MINI Touch Controller as opposed to inputting letter after letter into the system. The technology will recognize what's being traced and bring up a list of options, whether it's a navigation search or a contact from your phonebook.

What are some of your favorite technology features in the MINI lineup? There are so many more to address, but these are some of our favorites!

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