San Antonio has already experienced its first (and hopefully only) bout of extreme winter weather this season, but it can't hurt to be prepared if more snow and ice roll into town again. Here are a few things you should know about keeping your MINI in the best shape during extremely low temperatures!

Defrosting your windshield. For those lucky enough to park in a garage, a snow-covered windshield isn't a predicament they have to make time for in their morning routine. For others, it's a time-consuming, potentially day-ruining issue, especially if the snow has frozen into ice. Luckily there are a few things you can do to prevent and quickly eliminate this issue! One easy fix would be to stand your wipers in an upright position overnight so that they aren't laying on the glass. This will make it easier for you to get snow and ice off without maneuvering around the wiper blades and potentially breaking them in the process. An easy DIY de-icer formula can be made with two household items that will quickly get your windshield clean and free from ice. All you need to do is fill a spray bottle ¼ full of isopropyl alcohol and the rest of the way with water. Shake and spray onto your windshield until the ice and snow starts to melt off and voila!

Monitor tire pressure. For every 10 degree temperature change, car tires lose an entire pound of pressure. That's quite a big, which is why it's smart to continually check your tire's pressure throughout changing seasons when temps are fluctuating. In much colder weather, any pressure imbalance will be made that much worse. Make sure to allow for extra time at the gas station to check your tire pressure when you fill up your tank, or keep a tire gauge at home to make sure your PSI is staying at the manufacturer's suggestions.

Consider different oil. You probably didn't know that colder weather thickens engine oil, which forces a car's battery to put in overtime to ensure that your car is running smoothly. By switching to a thinner oil, you can give your battery a break and potentially prevent any engine failure. If it's been a while since you had the filter changed, it'd be smart to get a new one prior to the winter season as well.

Prevent freezing doors. We've all walked out to our cars and tugged on the handle only to hear cracks and creaks, but no budging from the latch. A frozen handle is the last thing you need when you're heading to work, but another common household item is coming to the rescue to prevent those frozen doors and handles! Spraying cooking spray in the cracks of your doors and handles will prevent them from freezing shut, and although water from the day may melt in-between the other crevices of your vehicle at night, the cooking spray's oily solution will prohibit the water from resting in the cracks and freezing in the handle. Just don't forget to do it before you go to bed!

If your MINI is showing any signs of wear and tear, our trained service technicians would be happy to take a look under the hood. Make an appointment, or stop by our Service Center and we'll make sure your vehicle is running to the best of its ability!

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