A third transmission option is coming to the MINI lineup in the form of a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission unit. It will boast faster gear shifts and improved efficiency compared to both the manual and automatic transmissions that are currently offered.


While the United States is still waiting for our confirmation of the new unit, the dual-clutch transmission will be made available in other markets on select engine variants from the Hardtop, Hardtop 4 Door, and Convertible models. However, for fans of other transmissions, the cars will still offer the option of a 6-speed automatic, and the standard transmission will continue to be a 6-speed manual.


There are many benefits to DCT vehicles. Improved acceleration is just the beginning. As the shifts progress the throttle is able to remain open because of the two separate clutches, one for odd ratios and another for even. When in motion, opening one clutch activates closure of the other at the same time. Shifts are also able to be faster because of data analyzation from that of accelerator position and engine revs and speed.


Another improvement is the efficiency. Especially when coupled with the start-stop feature and coasting mode, MINI engines are disconnected from the rest of the drivetrain allowing it to run at idling speed and making huge strides in engine efficiency.


For those who may be accustomed to clunky DCTs, MINI has integrated a dual-mass flywheel with centrifugal pendulum which intends to balance out rotational unevenness during stop and go driving to reduce the "clunkiness."


Although it's uncertain when the dual-clutch transmission might become available in the U.S., it's likely we'll get a peek at it on Hardtop models introduced in other markets in March of 2018.


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