Football season is in full swing and no matter the colors you wear or team you celebrate, there is one thing all football fans have in common: tailgating is a lifestyle. Check out our suggestions of tailgating essentials and load up your MINI trunk just in time to enjoy a weekend of football!


The first thing you'll want to pack are easily transportable items. What are the obvious items you'll need to take and how can you limit the list to only the necessary things? Well, start with the basics. You'll need to provide a chair for yourself and your guests. Nylon foldable chairs are the best option because they come in an easy-to-carry bag with a strap that you can throw over your shoulder when staking out the perfect tailgate spot. If you're hosting the tailgate, you'll have a few more responsibilities, such as providing the folding table for food, a grill, a crockpot, etc. A tailgating experience without food is like….well, you probably just should've stayed home. Hot dogs, burgers, cheese dip, and foods of the sort are great tailgating food because they'll fill you up before heading into the stadium.  

Other items that will add to your tailgate's atmosphere include a portable bluetooth speaker, a television (to keep tabs on the other teams playing), a large canopy tent to shade the sun, and a cooler with all your favorite drinks and goodies.

To ensure you stay organized and that clean up will be a breeze, check out these additional miscellaneous tips:

  1. Pack your utensils, condiments, bottle opener, hand sanitizer, matches, etc. in a toolbox. The drawers and multiple levels will allow all your things to stay in place when driving and will be easy to find once you're unloading!

  2. Pack a mini first-aid kit inside an unused prescription bottle. It's the perfect size to hold  bandaids, ibuprofen, etc. because you never know how rowdy a tailgate is going to get!

  3. The tent struts make a great place to hang a roll of paper towels from bungee cords--you can never have too many paper towels!

  4. A portable heater, rain gear, and blankets are also thoughtful items to bring for winter months or if rain is predicted for the forecast.

With these tips you're bound to have the best tailgate on the lot! The back of a MINI Countryman or Clubman would be perfect for hauling most of these items to gameday. Come see us to check out our selection and find what's best for you!

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